What we love about small engine cars (and how to drive them) [video]

What we love about small engine cars (and how to drive them) [video]

Posted by Brendon Carpenter on 29 Mar 2017

Suzuki-Swift-MC-2021-on-pavement-roadSmall engined cars give a lot of bang for their buck. Here are some things we love about smaller engined cars that we think you’ll love too.

It’s a sad truth that many people feel that small engined cars - anything below a 1.4L - are only a stop gap until you can afford a bigger car.

Actually, they’re a really fun and economical ride and there’s a lot to love about them at any time of your life!

Here are our five reasons we love a small engined car:


This is definitely one of the best features of a small engined car! Fuel takes up a major portion of your vehicle’s running cost - 40% - 45%, according to EQSTRA Fleet Management, so saving money on petrol is a major plus.


Since the parts are both smaller and cheaper, you’ll end up saving big on maintaining a small car.


Nowadays, small cars come with a lot of standard features that make them more than the compromise they used to be. You really get a lot of car for a good price.


Many small engined cars are actually a lot of fun to drive around town! (Don’t believe us? Take the Swift 1.2 out for a spin. Book a test drive here.)


Those small spots were built for cars like this! Zip into them easily with a smaller car.

However, there are some ways to get the most from your small engined car. Charl Grobler, the manager of marketing and product planning at Suzuki South Africa, shares four killer tips in the two minute video below:

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