9 things we love about the Baleno

9 things we love about the Baleno

Posted by Megan MacDonald on 9 Nov 2016

Baleno_May 2022_blog header_Exterior_27The Suzuki Baleno is a sleek hatchback with class, space and an all new platform. Read up on the 9 features I love the most about this brand new model.

Sleek, spacious and packed full of class, the new Baleno is making waves worldwide - over 100 000 cars have been sold in India already since it’s launch in October 2015, and thousands more were pre-booked and waiting to go just weeks later.

Read all about The Baleno by the Numbers   for more information.

The Baleno was first spotted as a concept car, the IK-2 Concept, at the Geneva Auto Show and, as Top Speed says in their take of the model, rather exceptionally, “Compared to the concept, the new Baleno isn’t far off at all.”

Megan MacDonald, Head of Marketing and PR at Suzuki South Africa, talks through the  9 things we love most about the Baleno.


The Baleno’s liquid flow design, inspired by how sound waves ripple and move, make a beautifully sleek hatchback with the classic look of a sedan. 


For the first time since 2010, Suzuki launched an all new vehicle platform. This unique ‘skeleton’ is incredibly lightweight - up to 200kgs lighter than some of its nearer competitors - and gives the car both strength and flexibility. Says Charl, “The new platform is a great starting point for new models going forward.” The platform also influences the fuel efficiency of the car, which is pretty phenomenal...


Suzuki’s fuel efficiency is legendary, and the Baleno outdoes itself! Weight is one of the biggest factors affecting performance and the new lightweight frame and sleek design make this car the most fuel efficient yet. “Ask anyone in F1 if they could save 20kgs weight from their car, let alone 200kgs, and they’d pay good money for that advantage,” explains Charl.


A series of ingenious ‘hacks’, like extending the wheelbase, make the inside unbelievably spacious. “I love the Baleno’s clever utilisation of space,” says Charl.


The model’s 1.4L engine feels much stronger and works much harder because of the Baleno’s ingenious other optimisations - like being lightweight and aerodynamic.


You’re getting a lot of bang with your buck in the Baleno. There’s a new instrument cluster, and the lights are improved too - from HID (high intensity discarge) headlamps to the first LED rear headlamps.

Read our post on terminology if you’re not sure what those mean


Like runway fashion, the Baleno was first conceptualised as the IK-2 and presented at the Geneva Runway Show. Rather remarkably, the concept car and on-street model are extremely similar, which is why the Baleno’s look is so modern.


Best of all, the Baleno is really value for money! Says Charl, “It’s the ideal hatchback - elegant and adult, with great optimisation and functionality.”

9. The 2019 model now comes with the 7" touchscreen Infotainment system

The 2019 Suzuki Baleno is a stunning hatch and now the GLX spec comes standard with a factory fitted  7" touchscreen infotainment system. Its great cause it comes with Apple  Car Play and Android Auto and it 's simple to use.

We're not the only ones who love the Baleno! Read the Baleno review round-up to see what some of South Africa's finest publications have to say about this new model We also have a review from a customer who bought a Baleno and was surprised by the car - read Nicole's story here.

Want to find out for yourself what its like behind the wheel of a Baleno?   Book a test drive in one of the hottest Suzuki hatches to hit the streets, and try out all these qualities and it’s excellent handling yourself.

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