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Henno Havenga

Henno Havenga

Manager: Auto Dealer Sales This 4x4 junky has worked in the auto industry for over fifteen years and loves the dynamics, lifestyle and experience of working with cars. He says, “Cars allow us to broaden our horizons and experience and see new and beautiful things. I enjoy the journey just as much (if not more) than the destination.” The Jimny is his model of choice; it gives him that holiday feeling even in rush hour traffic and says the recognisable model makes him feel like a “better person”. Naturally Henno loves the outdoors - from a good braai to camping and swimming.

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5 tips I remember from my driving lessons (and teaching my w...

Petrol head and Manager: Auto Dealer Sales at Suzuki Auto South Africa, Henno Havenga, shares driving lessons and tips from his own driving exper...

How are speed limits set?

Speed limits are one of those universal topics that can quickly turn into a heated debate in any language and in any country. Everyone has an opi...

How much am I spending this month on fuel with the changing ...

Struggling to plan your fuel budget? Use this handy calculator!

Fuel saving: Tips for drivers of manual cars

With the price of both petrol and diesel expected to continue to rise, driving in a fuel efficient manner is now a necessity for most commuters a...

Evolution of the Suzuki Jimny [updated]

The beloved Suzuki Jimny’s profile is easily recognisable on the road, and the little car has quite a long history.

Ask your dealer anything

  What do you want to find out from your car dealers? You asked and we got two Suzuki dealers to answer!

The 7 craziest things you’ve heard about Suzuki

Jimny’s topple over, Suzuki’s aren’t made for tall people…? Read on for some of the craziest myths we’ve heard, and the reality behind them.

Great moments deserve a great Suzuki Jimny

With the release of the latest Suzuki Jimny quickly approaching, we want to know how the Jimny has been a part of your life’s greatest moments.

Why you should buy a Suzuki Jimny now. . . and keep it as lo...

 The Suzuki Jimny is the ultimate icon when it comes to compact 4x4s. Those in the know are making sure they get one in their garage, with no int...

How (and why) to buy a vintage Jimny

Finding a vintage Suzuki Jimny that somebody is willing to part with is rare. So, if you have one – or are looking to buy one – here’s what you s...

The idiot’s guide to border crossing

Planning an epic holiday across Africa? You can anticipate some border crossing in your future. Here’s how to make the experience as painless as ...

10 tips for a fun family road trip with your pets

Taking your furry babies with you on holiday can be loads of fun, but 12 hours in the car can be challenging. Here are some tips on travelling wi...

7 driving tips for your 4x4 [video]

Taking your 4x4 off road for the first time is loads of fun, as long as you know what you’re getting yourself into. Here are seven tips for a new...

Trailblazing and Off-Roading: Brave any frontier with these ...

 Before you take your 4x4 off-roading, heed these driving tips to ensure a safe and exciting adventure!

8 game parks off the beaten track

There are some pretty incredible game parks around South Africa - and some you probably didn’t know deserve a visit. Here are our 9 favourite gam...

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