18 Sep 2017

Work out the trade in value of your car [tool]

If you’re looking to trade in your car, you can use this handy Book Value Calculator to work out its approximate current value. Before you decide to trade in your existing car, it’s a good idea to establish its current book value, so that you have an idea of what it’s worth. ...

15 Sep 2017

Why Suzuki designs the best interiors

Few car manufacturers find the right balance between stylish and functional – here’s why Suzuki is winning the interior design game. ...

11 Sep 2017

How to compare car insurance

We all know how inconvenient dealing with the aftermath of a fender bender can be. Here’s how to compare car insurance, so you’re covered in an emergency.  There’s nothing more exciting than that moment your dealer hands you the keys to your new baby. But before you edge carefully out into the traffic, take a moment to consider the financial implications of the journey you’re about to take… ...

07 Sep 2017

Car servicing: DIY or leave it to the professionals?

A professional car service at an approved dealership gets you more than just an oil change. Lots of other work and checks are carried out, ensuring your car runs at its best and is safe to drive. ...

31 Aug 2017

Fuel efficiency 101

The price of fuel affects everyone. No matter what type of car you’re buying, it’s worth knowing your litres from your C02 emissions before signing on the dotted line. ...

28 Aug 2017

What car are you [QUIZ]

Can we guess what car you need, based on your personality? Take our quiz to find out which type of car is the mechanical embodiment of you. ...

24 Aug 2017

Why Suzuki wins at making small cars

Every car manufacturer has a core specialty that sets it apart. Suzuki spotted the compact trend well in advance and has since established itself as the unrivaled expert in designing small, spectacular cars. ...

21 Aug 2017

Can I buy a car once I’ve been blacklisted?

Understand the difference between blacklisting, judgements and defaults, and why it’s important to keep your credit record clean. Your credit rating is your most important asset. Buying any big ticket items, like a new car or a house, can be extremely difficult once you’ve been blacklisted. That’s why cleaning up your credit record is one of the best investments you can make in your future. ...

17 Aug 2017

10 surprising facts you didn’t need to know about Suzuki

Get ready to impress your friends with your astounding general knowledge. Here’s a list of ten surprising facts that only Suzuki lovers will know. Looking for some interesting facts that’ll entertain everyone at your next braai? Then you’ve stumbled across the right blog post! Here’s a list of little-known facts that you don’t need to know (but really, you should). ...

14 Aug 2017

Is your car fit for purpose?

Buying a car is a huge decision, and it’s not one you want to get wrong. Make sure your car is fit for purpose and that you chose it for the right reasons. ...


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