New look, more features for Swift

The current generation Suzuki Swift was introduced in South Africa in 2018 and has since become a best-seller here, as it is abroad. Along the way, it has notched up Car of the Year nominations and awards in Europe, Japan and South Africa. With the update, it is set to grow even more popular.

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How Things Work: Brake Discs & Pads [VIDEO]

In this episode, Peter gives us a breakdown of how disc breaks work. 

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Updated: Suzuki breaks month-old sales record in March

Naamsa, the automotive business council, reported last week that Suzuki sold a new all-time record of 2 397 vehicles in March. In doing so, the Japanese vehicle manufacturer broke their month-old record by nearly 12% and improved on its March 2020 sales performance by 92%.

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In this episode of How Things Work, we’re taking you through the ins and outs of the CV joint. A remarkable mechanical device that has allowed cars and steering to evolve. Watch the video and learn more about this marvel now.

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Stellenbosch to Serengeti with a Suzuki Jimny

A visit to experience the wildebeest migration in the Serengeti National Park has always been at the top of my bucket list. I never imagined I would drive all the way from the southern-most tip of Africa to Serengeti! 14,000 km in 40 days. But if you own a Suzuki Jimny, ANYthing is possible!

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Why I love being a Suzuki dealer

Suzuki is a family, and it is because of this special relationship that the dealers felt spurred on to break new records during lockdown. Being a Suzuki dealer involves much more than simply selling and servicing cars. As much as it is about building relationships with customers, it is just as important to have a great relationship with the company.

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New record, more sales momentum for SASA

Suzuki Auto SA (SASA) hits new milestone four months after setting the last sales record

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Six reasons parents will love the Vitara Brezza

Choosing a new car is about making all the right choices and ensuring your emotions do not rule over practicalities.  Take the opportunity to evaluate if the car is a great fit for you, as parents and if it’s safe for the kids too.

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How Dealerships Have Adapted To The Pandemic

The global COVID-19 pandemic forced massive and sudden change to the way we live and do business and, despite the inconveniences of the various levels of lockdown, people have adapted quickly to those changes – in many cases becoming quite comfortable with this new way of life.

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Meet the Suzuki Swift Sport - Born to perform

The spunky Suzuki Swift Sport grabbed headlines when it was first launched in South Africa. The styling complemented its sprightly performance, all wrapped in an affordable package.

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Meet the Dealer: Suzuki Centurion

With everything happening online these days, it’s easy to forget that there are human beings behind our favourite shops and online brands. This is why we’re featuring some of our very own awesome dealers.

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The Vitara Brezza origin story

From humble beginnings to making history, we’re diving into the Suzuki Vitara’s rich heritage and exploring the origin story of this iconic superhero of a car.

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Suzuki’s top-selling compact SUV now in SA

India’s most popular compact SUV and the fastest compact SUV to reach 500 000 sales in that country, is now available in Mzansi.

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Suzuki just keeps getting ‘Brezza’ and ‘Brezza’!

The Suzuki Vitara Brezza is hitting the South African roads at record speed! The Vitara Brezza is launching in South Africa, and is set to make waves and make history. The Vitara Brezza has been an international success, and here are the numbers to prove it.

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The Suzuki family: Car clubs and events in South Africa

Suzuki owners are a tight-knit family. Across the world, thousands come together on a regular basis to connect, learn and enjoy their cars in a friendly and welcoming environment. This is why you should look at joining in.

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Decoding car insurance the Suzuki way

Finding the right car insurance policy with the right insurance provider is tricky and can feel overwhelming. Here’s a layman’s guide to serve as a starting point when considering the type of cover you want.

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Suzuki increases Jimny production capacity

Suzuki Motor Corporation has added the Gurgaon Plant in India to the Suzuki Jimny production roster to help address global waiting lists. The Jimny assembled in India shares the same specification as the export models produced at the Kosai Plant in Japan.

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Continuing on from our previous episode on the modern exhaust Peter takes a look at two components in particular and goes into some more detail on each of them. Have a look to see which one includes a surprising liquid ingredient. Can you guess what it is?

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