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What to do if your car is trapped in a flash flood [UPDATED]

Flash floods are unpredictable, fast and deadly - but there are ways to stay safe if you find yourself caught in the middle of one.  

Navigating Cape Town: Four hot spots to discover

Sometimes even local Capetonians can feel like  tourists in the Mother City, because with so much at your fingertips it’s difficult to know what ...

My beautiful Suzuki story: I love this Way of Life

Suzuki has a variety of cars to suit any lifestyle and create lifelong memories. This wonderful husband and wife chose the Suzuki Way of Life whe...

How cool and reliable are Suzukis? An outsider’s assessment

Looks may not be everything but they do count when it comes to choosing a new car. Suzuki manages to blend cool looks with real-world practicalit...

Get the low down from the Fuel Economy Tour

South Africa’s go-getter car brand came a close second in the Fuel Economy Tour, sponsored by Wesbank in partnership with FNB - keeping its promi...

Two wheels or four, we all just want to get home safely

Cars and bikes shouldn’t have to compete for space on the road. Working together is the best solution for all.

Suzuki shines in SA Fuel Economy Tour

Looking for a real-world fuel miser? Then look no further than a Suzuki

Navigating Cape Town: Tips & tricks for city driving

Getting to know the city streets can be tough. Cape Townians know the twists and turns of their roads. We have put together a guide for those who...

How Suzuki Mobility Finance can get you your dream car

Suzuki Mobility Finance, a product of WesBank, a division of FirstRand Bank Limited, (Suzuki Mobility Finance) can assist you with all your mobil...

Suzuki to enter 7 cars  in SA fuel economy tour

Suzuki Auto, the go-getter car brand in South Africa these days, is throwing its full support into the upcoming WesBank Fuel Economy Tour in part...

Suzuki sets new sales record in October

Suzuki Auto South Africa is riding the wave of popularity after recording its best-ever sales-month in October 2019.

How to build your driving confidence: Getting the basics rig...

Driving may be one of the most intimidating skills a person needs to learn and it is tougher for some than others.

Navigating the urban jungle of Johannesburg: Hot places you ...

Johannesburg is one of Africa’s most bustling and beautiful cities with lots to eat, drink, see, and Instagram. Find out which places to visit fo...

Navigating the urban jungle of Johannesburg

With over 2 million people in Johannesburg and many of them commuting from surrounding cities, navigating its busy streets can be tricky.

Auto Terminology: What is AMT/AT/MT?

Automated manual transmissions combine the best of both the automatic and manual transmission. See why the Suzuki AMT is the gearbox of the futur...

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