5 Reasons real Suzuki drivers love their Suzukis

5 Reasons real Suzuki drivers love their Suzukis

Posted by Brendon Carpenter on 6 Jul 2020

Two Suzuki Swift's parked behind stairsWe all have a slightly different checklist when looking for a new car: some may have style at the top of the list, while others prioritise fuel efficiency. One thing these Suzuki owners have in common is that they all found a variety of reasons to fall in love with their cars.

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We’ve chatted to two Suzuki owners, Mpho Muladzi (25) and Tumisang Po (28) about the reasons they love their Suzukis. Both agree that the top reasons they love their Suzukis are:

  1. Compact and perfect for an on-the-go lifestyle.
  2. Interior comfort, no matter how much time you spent in your car.
  3. Efficiency, fuel efficiency!
  4. Suzuki styling and being part of such a unique brand.
  5. Excellent value and incredible customer service.

Mpho is a Suzuki Swift 1.2 GL owner. He’s had his Swift, appropriately named Suzi, for five years, and he still loves every minute with his car.

“I have a crazy busy lifestyle, so when I started looking at cars, I prioritised specification, size and price,” says Mpho. 

Just a few weeks after buying ‘Suzi’, Mpho admits he was surprised by how exhilarating this car is to drive. “I’m always on the go and Suzi is the best city-slicker to have by my side. The power is there, she’s also super efficient and easy on my wallet.

Mpho says, “I always tell people that if you live in the city and are in need of a good looking, fun, reliable car that’s also super efficient on fuel, then Suzuki is your best bet.

Tumisang drives a Suzuki Swift 1.4 GLS, which he’s had since 2017. He’s a bit of a car design fan and particularly loves vintage cars.

I admit that I would love to get my hands on a vintage, but this is real life, and we need affordable cars we can depend on that still look great! That’s why I opted for my Suzuki – it appealed to my taste in vehicle design,” he says.

Tumisang was in search of a city car that worked with his budget and made him feel unique. “I ended up loving this car more than expected, and think it had a lot to do with the brand overall. Everything from the buying experience to servicing has been incredible. I never expected this level of service,” he says.

In addition to the excellent service, my Suzuki Swift is fuel-efficient and perfect for city driving – which is my playground! This is the best car I could have chosen for my busy lifestyle,” says Tumisang.

Tumisang says it’s unlikely he will sell or trade in his car for at least another five years. He sees no reason to, as his Swift has proven reliable and offers everything he needs in a car.

When I speak about my car I focus on things such as the fact that we’re always on the go, working and exploring, and it feels like a partner to me,

He says his Swift is the perfect vehicle for so many of his generation because it just slots in so perfectly.

I drive long distances too, as I often attend meetings quite far away,”  says. “I never worry about massive fuel bills – my Suzuki is fuel efficient and reliable. It’s a brilliant, unique and personal brand, which is exactly what I was looking for.

According to both Mpho and Tumisang, Suzuki has completely nailed the image, service and product offering that modern professionals are looking for when they shop for a new car

We wish them many more happy miles and are proud to have these go-getters as part of the Suzuki family.

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