Auto Terminology: What is AMT/AT/MT?

Auto Terminology: What is AMT/AT/MT?

Posted by David Anders on 19 Oct 2019

Automatic gearbox versus Manual Gearbox - what's the difference?Automated manual transmissions combine the best of both automatic and manual transmission. See why the Suzuki AMT is the gearbox of the future.

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Suzuki builds fun, yet reliable cars that are designed to deliver an engaging experience while offering trouble-free driving for thousands of kilometres. A crucial part of any Suzuki design lies in the choice of transmission: each vehicle and engine configuration works better with a certain type of gearbox, which gives the car its acceleration and gear-shifting characteristics. Traditionally, the gearbox provides a range of gears to help the car perform optimally during pull aways, climbing  hills or speeding down highways. Most have heard about manual transmission and automatic transmission gearboxes (MT and AT), but there’s a new kind of transmission called the automated manual transmission gearbox (AMT) which is the next step in the evolution of the gearbox, and it’s set to change the way we drive, and enjoy our cars, in a big way. 

A short explanation is needed to understand how each of these gearbox designs function, what the differences are between each, and how the AMT gearbox brings the best out of both the MT and AT, so let’s shift into first gear and set off!

The manual transmission (MT)

The MT has been around for as long as the car itself, and is utilised on all sorts of vehicles and across the world. Although the manual is slowly being replaced with automated options, it still has a place in modern motoring. The MT demands that the driver disconnect the transmission from the clutch plate and then manually select a gear before releasing the clutch. This form of changing between gears has become the reserve of entry level and sports cars alike, with some believing that a MT provides the most driver engagement. 

The automatic transmission (AT)

The AT was first introduced in 1921, and since then has become one of the most popular ways to shift power from the engine to the wheels. What many consider to be the AT’s biggest selling point is the fact that it removes the need for the driver to step on the clutch pedal and select a gear when the need arises.The AT offers a more relaxing driving experience, but tends to delay shifts, which can cause frustration when trying to overtake or pull away quickly.

Introducing the Automated Manual Transmission (AMT)/Auto Gear Shift Technology (AGS)

Pioneered by Maruti Suzuki the revolutionary Auto Gear Shift (also known as AMT) technology is equipped with the Intelligent Shift Control Actuator, an electric-hydraulic actuator that automatically performs clutch and shift operations enabling the user to experience the futuristic two-pedal technology. Auto Gear Shift combines the actuator and controller and directly mounts them in the transmission in order to unify the working components. This permits synchronised control over the clutch, shifting, and engine for smoother gear changes as well as bringing together the advantages of both manual and automatic transmissions.

So what are the benefits of an AMT?

First off, the AMT delivers all the comfort of a traditional AT by removing the need to press down on the clutch pedal, but also gets rid of the hesitation often encountered when gears change in an auto gearbox. An AMT manages to shift gears faster than any traditional MT ever could, improving performance and driver engagement - all the while matching fuel economy numbers.

In short, the AMT provides more flexibility for car and driver while maintaining the comfort of an automatic and the economy and responsiveness of a manual transmission. At the end of the day Suzuki will always choose the most reliable and engaging option for each model making sure you get the best from every ride. AMT is currently available in Celerio, Swift, Dzire, and Ignis. By reducing the stress and effort of driving in heavy city traffic AMT enables a comfortable drive. Looking for advise on choosing  a car, check out this article on choosing the right car.

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No matter which gearbox you choose, maintaining your car and servicing it regularly helps keep your car running smoothly. Suzuki customers can sign up for service reminders so we'll remind you to book your car in for its annual health check or equip yourself with our handy guide on what you should be asking your dealer when shopping for a vehicle -new or used. 

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