10 Aug 2017

#VoteofConfidence in Suzuki

We took a Vote of Confidence in ourselves this year: extending our legendary warranty to an incredible 200 000kms. As the nation was gripped by the #VoteofNoConfidence, we took a Vote Of Confidence in ourselves: extending our warranty by close to double its existing parameters. ...

03 Aug 2017

Which Suzuki is right for me? [Quiz]

Trying to decide what type of car will fit in with your lifestyle? Take this short quiz to find out which car matches your personality. ...

31 Jul 2017

How to improve your credit rating

Buying a car can be tough when you’ve been blacklisted, that’s why we’ve put together this handy guide to help you clean up your credit record. ...

27 Jul 2017

What impacts your car’s resale value

Do I really need to fix that dent? Find out which factors genuinely have an impact on the resale value of your car. Whether you’ve just bought a new car and want to keep it in mint condition, or you’re looking to get the best possible deal on your trade in, it’s handy to know which factors genuinely affect the value of your car. ...

25 Jul 2017

6 questions to ask when you take your car for a service

Your annual car service is an important part of proper vehicle maintenance and shouldn’t be skipped. Ask your mechanic these questions for your peace of mind. ...

20 Jul 2017

Kaizen | The art of perfection [GALLERY]

Loosely translated, Kaizen is a philosophy of continuous improvement. Have a look at these five things the Japanese do better than anyone else. ...

17 Jul 2017

IGNIS: A mashup of four iconic Suzuki designs

Take a walk with us down memory lane to see where the Ignis gets its head-turning style and why Suzuki is the expert in extra-large small cars. ...

13 Jul 2017

Is it safe to buy cars off sites such as Gumtree?

 Whether it’s for business or private use, we’re all looking for the best deal on a vehicle. But which buying options are the safest? ...

11 Jul 2017

Budget guide to an awesome car sound system

Your car’s sound system is easy to amp up with some budget friendly changes. Suzuki’s car customisation expert, Chazlin Haskins, takes us through some easy audio fixes. ...

06 Jul 2017

The budget guide to pimping out your car

Suzuki’s car customisation expert, Chazlin Haskins, takes us through 5 budget car pimping techniques to take your car from sad to swag. ...


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