Driving apps: Yay or Nay?

Should you use apps to help you drive better? We investigate here!

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Car myths and facts

We break down some common myths around cars  . . . and share some interesting facts, too.

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Car servicing: DIY or leave it to the professionals? [UPDATED]

Horror stories about disastrous car repairs abound. One only has to look at Hello Peter on the internet to find them. The best solution? A professional service is still the right way to go.

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Everything you didn’t realise you should know about NaTIS documents

NaTIS is one of those important acronyms you might have heard about, but don’t really understand what it stands for. Find out why your NaTIS document is crucial to buying and keeping your car.

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Car remote jamming: are you at risk?

Car remote jamming has been a problem for years, and not just in South Africa. But just like any other ‘trend’ it really seems to have picked up steam over the past few years. And it’s no surprise when you hear that some thieves claim to earn around R15 000 per week through this very simple method.

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Don't panic! Here's what to do in an accident [checklist]

Even the most minor of ‘bumper bashings’ can leave you shocked, confused and frightened but it’s vital to try and remain calm immediately after the impact and to assess the situation quickly and accurately. Here's our guide on how to handle even the most minor accident.

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What should your car be named? [quiz]

Is your baby Dory from Finding Nemo, or is she more of a Silver Streak? Find out which nickname suits your car by taking the ultimate car personality quiz.

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Car Hacks: How to McGuyver your car into the future

Are you a hands-on, DIY, kind of person? You’re going to love this article with some great ‘McGuyver’-esque tips.

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Stay safe! How to avoid a hijacking [infographic]

Every motorist should do an anti-hijack driving course – it can be a life-saving decision. Here’s a quick overview of what this entails.

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