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How (and why) to buy a vintage Jimny

Finding a vintage Suzuki Jimny that somebody is willing to part with is rare. So, if you have one – or are looking to buy one – here’s what you s...

Kaizen | The art of perfection [gallery]

Loosely translated, Kaizen is a philosophy of continuous improvement. Have a look at these five things the Japanese do better than anyone else.

Suzuki innovation [video]

Take a look at Suzuki technology in action and how Suzuki became the small car auto expert.

108 years of Suzuki [timeline]

From a small loom manufacturer in Japan to a global household name in the motor industry, have a look at 108 years of Suzuki history.

Evolution of the Suzuki Jimny

The beloved Suzuki Jimny’s profile is easily recognisable on the road, and the little car has quite a long history.

Who was Michio Suzuki?


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